Reggio Emilia Provocations are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity of meeting again in a centre where we can look, listen and dialogue together.

An opportunity to collectively unpack our thinking and approach to teaching and learning through project work (with our Babies, Tots & Preschoolers).

Real Kids ELC: 327 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville, Auckland
Saturday, the 28 May 2022
9.30am to 11.30am

Kihikihi is the Māori name for the loudest insect in the world.
However, is it pronounced
“ci - cay - da” or “ci - caa - da”?!
We couldn’t agree. Playfully and intuitively we all agreed on kihikihi, we all agreed on the NZSL sign, we even agreed on the Korean name, mammy. The insect that has a name in every culture brought us together and united us in ours.
Reflection from the RK-Preschool teachers and children 2022