How to start a project
Carlina Rinaldi suggests that listening requires “openness and sensitivity….we listen not just with our ears, but with all of our senses. (Rinaldi, 2008).
Listening is an act that goes beyond hearing the words that others speak, to listen requires us to be fully present in the here and now to focus on what our learners are doing and to be open to new possibilities.  In this workshop we will explore the pedagogy of listening and look at how teachers use listening as an effective tool for deepening project work with young children.
Pakuranga Baptist Kindy
Saturday 4th May 9.00-12.00pm $65.00

Purposeful Provocations
Karen and Jade invite you to join them as they share some of the purposeful provocations they have set up in response to children's interests. This is going to be a hands on workshop where we will focus on the role of the teacher.
Freyberg Community Preschool
Wednesday 29th May 6.30pm – 8.00pm $40.00

The process of projects
Jo Clark (Nurture Group Curriculum Leader) and Guneet Sachdev (Project Leader 3 to 5 years age), invite you to Nurture, Onehunga to share their journey with the process of planning throughout a project. Guneet will take us through her recent, “Innovators project,” presentation. This project shows how effective the re-launch/’chalk talk’, process is for going deeper into investigations.  Jo, Guneet and (Centre Supervisor) Lacey Galvez will then take you through the three different age rooms’ documentation of planning, to show their process of sensitive listening through a holding board of ideas; responding to challenges when children surprise you; and the power of the re-visit for enhancing opportunities, as you flow through a project.
Nurture Early Learning, Onehuna
Wednesday 26th June 6.30m – 8.00pm $40.00