It is important to know the possible outcomes of tools and materials before they are introduced to children. If I always use the same materials and the same colours, I will always create the same things. Our role as teachers, is to widen the language through a greater freedom too children.

This year, Reggio Emilia Provocations is proud to present our mid-year series, ‘Theories of Materials’. The purpose of this four-part series is for teachers to deepen their understandings of the role that different materials play in fostering children’s creativity and working theories, as well as to better understand the role of the teacher when working alongside children and materials.

You can choose to go to any number of workshops. Each workshop will be held at a different early childhood setting allowing teachers also, to experience a different environment during each session and will run from 6.30pm – 8.00pm. Supper provided

The Potential of Paper 
10th April 6:30pm

The Complexities of Clay
8th May 6:30pm

Deconstruction to Reconstruction: Investigating Natural Materials
12th June 6:30pm

Layers of light 
3rd July 6:30pm